Building a database for data organization and a web or mobile application for data access are both included in database development services. Since 2020, Treetop Cloud has developed specialized database solutions that maintain data organization, cleanliness, security, and convenience for authorized users across various devices.


What you get?

A database: It carefully stores your data in a trustworthy environment and has the option of integrating with other data sources to eliminate the need for human entry.

A web application: This enables you to utilize the data in a simple and straightforward manner (with basic Create, Read, Update and Delete operations, as well as with rich search, filter, and reporting functionality).

A mobile application(optionally): This enables you to link the database and use its features wherever you are, reflecting the demands of today's mobile lifestyle.

We can assist you in planning, developing, and implementing appropriate database software to keep your data clean, easily discoverable, and available to authorized personnel across different devices.


Database Software We Deliver:

Customer database software

Marketing database software

Membership database software

Inventory database software

Equipment database software

Real estate database software

Employee database software

Patient database software

To guarantee the most efficient safekeeping of your data, we exclusively select reliable and trustworthy technology.


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